Conquest: Frontier Wars™

Fever Pitch Studios (Proprietary)

Conquest: Frontier Wars is a fleet-based RTS game created by the company, Fever Pitch Studios. The plot of the game takes place in the distant future, in which various races have the ability to travel to other “gates” via wormholes. Humans belong to the Terran race, alien insectoids are part of the Mantis race, technologically advanced creatures belong to the Celareon race, and lizard-like creatures belong to the Vyrium race. The Terrans discover an entryway to a strange system called the Tau Ceti and get embroiled in an alien civil war in the process. The highly evolved Mantis from the planet Chut are trying to conquer the Terrans, and the humans seek the alliance of the Celareons to fight them.

The Terran forces, led by Rear Admiral Hawkes, are aboard the TNS Andromeda. Unfortunately, it is pursued and eventually destroyed by the Mantis army, which takes Admiral Hawkes as a hostage. The player assumes the role of a Terran army commander whose task it is to rescue Admiral Hawkes and gather information about the Mantis race. You discover that there is discord between two major Mantis warlords and the Terrans side with Ker’Tak to prevent her sister, Ver’Lak from taking over their world as well as the Earth.