Conquer Online 2.0

TQ Digital Entertainment (Freeware)

Conquer Online 2.0 is  a free to play game set in ancient China. The player can select from seven (7) unique classes and work his way to become a martial arts master. The game also allows the player to actually live in a fantasy world, make friends, and even get married. In the game, the player needs to complete several quests, fight with fearless monsters, improve gears and become the  conqueror in the fighters’ world.

Conquer Online 2.0 allows the players to select his character from among seven (7) unique classes including fearless Warrior, witty Taoist, cunning Archer, holy Monk, fierce Trojan, mysterious Ninja and Evil Pirate. Each of these classes have their own specialties, skills, and equipment exclusive and suited to their character. For instance, an Evil Pirate has a different weapon compared to a witty Taoist. There is a wide selection of horrible enemies which are introduced in course of the game. The game offers social interaction as the characters can make friends, find a clan and even engage in cyber display of affection via kissing, hugging, and getting married. There is also a variety of combat types available for solo and group players like the Guild War, Clan War, and the Class PVP. Bonuses are awarded to the winning conqueror for each event.