Connection Watcher 1.56

Moo0 (Freeware)

Connection Watcher is a simple network tool that is designed to monitor network traffic. It shows all of the computer’s network connections and connection information. This tool has a simple and intuitive user interface, represented by a single window. The window has a well-organized layout that provides users with easy access to the program’s configuration settings. This tool shows users all of the incoming and outgoing connections, both for UDP and TCP. It also displays the connection details such as process name, process ID, state, remote IP, remote port, local user, local port, received traffic, sent traffic, process path, and the duration of the connection. Users can right-click on any of the connections to see the properties, disconnect the connection, or end a particular program process.

Connection Watcher has a status bar that shows users the total number of connections. The bar is also useful in displaying outgoing and incoming traffic. To make connection details easily understood, this program also shows a graph that helps users monitor network activity. This program lets users configure the settings according to their preferences. Users can choose to suspend logging, specify the refresh frequency, customize the skin by selecting a new one, launch the program upon startup, keep the program window always on top of other applications, and enable host name resolution.