Conflict:Desert Storm

Pivotal Games (Shareware)

Conflict:Desert Storm is a tactical, third person shooter, military-themed game set amidst the initial Gulf War. A player controls a squad composed of four men who belong to the special forces of the United States’ Delta Force Army, or the 22 SAS Regiment from Britain’s Armed Forces. Each mission requires every squad member’s skills utilization such as destroying bridges through demolition experts, and destroying tanks through experts of heavy weapons.

The game’s setting is Kuwait right after it was invaded by Iraq. Paul Foley is captured after a failed attempt to destroy a bridge crossing the Kuwait-Iraq border. John Bradley another squad member is sent to complete the original mission and rescue Paul Foley – all of which he is able to accomplish.  Other game missions include rescuing Kuwait’s Emir, spoiling Iraqi SCUD missiles, rescuing war prisoners in Bagdad, and fighting off Iraqi Forces in Khafji.  Every squad soldier possesses distinct specialties like demolitions, machine guns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. A basic training portion which can be run before a campaign commences, equips the player on weapons usage, airstrikes and artillery training, squad maneuvers, and vital medical skills. Fighting vehicles a player can control include a M3/M2 Bradley and a Humvee. A multiplayer option is provided.