Conflict: Vietnam

Pivotal Games (Shareware)

Conflict: Vietnam is a game that does not depict the Vietnam war’s course, but is focused mainly
on the survival and progress of a number of 101st Infantry ‘s squad members in Vietnam’s jungle. It is a shooter game with a third person perspective. The game’s main characters (who are all US soldiers) are Ragman, Cherry, Junior, and Hoss. They have to return and fight their way to allies after they have been isolated and cut off from the 101st Infantry which they are part of.

A player is able to have complete control of each squad member. The squad has to survive Vietnam jungle’s ruthless terrain amidst an “invisible” enemy which is ever-present. A number of different environments are contained in the games 14 missions. Game missions include crossing Vietnamese rivers, claustrophobic jungles, and ruined temples, manning guns aboard a river boat (which is heavily armored), and rescuing hostages in local villages. The game characters have to survive to reach Hue, which is ancient Vietnam’s capital. Transportation that can be used by the squad includes Viet-Cong and US troops abandoned ones such as helicopters, boats, and tanks. The whole squad is armed with numerous heavy artillery. Surplus weapons which can be acquired are mortar sites and gun placements. In addition, game obstacles that have to be watched out for include booby traps laid out by the Viet Cong. These include “Bouncing Betty” mines, water mines, and punji stake traps, among others.