Conflict Global Terror

Pivotal Games (Proprietary)

Conflict: Global Terror is a tactical third-person shooter game in which players are tasked to defeat terrorists in different countries. Players take control of four commandos as they go on a quest to fight terrorists. In the single-player campaign, players go on 14 missions, each with a set of objectives to accomplish. The different game locales include Egypt, the Philippines, and Chechnya.

The storyline of the game follows the members of the Red Team, who had been captured after parachuting into the jungles of Colombia. One of the commandoes, named Connors, escapes, and frees the rest of the members. They then head on to complete their mission of destroying the Drug Factory. Their next mission is to protect the senator Jack Maguire when he goes to North Korea on a diplomatic mission. From there they head to Ukraine, then to Chechnya, then to Egypt, and then to the Philippines, accomplishing anti-terrorist missions along the way such as capturing gas tanks and disabling anti-aircraft systems. The Red Team’s final mission is in Kashmir, where the player is tasked to stop a nuclear missile attack.

Conflict: Global Terror gives players control over a team. One member of the team is in the player’s direct control while the other team members are given commands. This enables players to execute tactical plans in order to accomplish the given missions.