Conflict – Desert Storm II

Pivotal Games (Proprietary)

Conflict – Desert Storm II, or simply CDS II, is a tactical shooter video game developed by Pivotal Games and published by SCi and Gotham Games. The game is part of the Conflict game series and was officially released for Microsoft Windows in  2003. The storyline takes place in the first Gulf War. The player controls either the US Army Delta Force or British 22nd SAS. The game can be played either in a single player or in a multiplayer gameplay.

Controlling either one of the two armies, the player’s goal is to complete 10 missions and eventually defeat Saddam Hussein’s army. The two armies each composed of four squad members. The player has the ability to control one member of the squad. However, giving remote commands to other members is also possible. For the multiplayer gameplay, two players can play CDS II simultaneously. Each of them can control two squad members. Players can play the game using different strategies. Players can focus on head-on approach or by utilizing stealth. Aside from the standard arsenal, players can also use the enemies’ ammunition and weapons. Players can also give different commands to the squad members like “fire at will” or “follow me”. These commands can also be given to other soldiers that are not currently controlled by the player.