Conflict Denied Ops

Pivotal Games (Proprietary)

Conflict Denied Ops is a game where players take control of highly specialized operatives tasked to accomplish missions that involve advanced weaponry and the application of military tactics. Some of the tasks that players engage in when they are into the game are creating distractions, destroying the enemy, and exploring possibilities and tactics. This game features two main characters, CIA operatives—the egregious Reggie Lang and the stealthy Lincoln Graves.

In Conflict Denied Ops, operatives that bear no identity or any items that could tie them to the government are sent out in missions, usually involving the dissolution of threats. These ruthless operatives are given the directive to do anything necessary in order to accomplish the task assigned to them. Unlike other games in the genre, which utilize a third person perspective, this game utilizes a first person perspective.

Conflict Denied Ops players are allowed to blast new paths, shoot walls to create holes, and perform other destructive tasks in order to take the enemy by surprise. Players need not play by the rules and are allowed to be as brutal as they want to be. This video game is the fifth in the series and the very first one that can be played in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.