Configurator © 2011 by Highcoder

© 2011 by Miranda Fusion Team (Freeware)

Configurator © 2011 by Highcoder is a plugin developed by © 2011 by Miranda Fusion Team. Miranda Fusion is an instant messaging platform available online and the plugin comes as an essential component with the messenger’s installer. Configurator © 2011 by Highcoder allows users to customize the entire messenger according to their preferences. Miranda Fusion is already easy to use and packed with features that compete with other similar software. The configurator, however, unleashes its full potential.

Users can set how the messenger loads its interface and other settings. Tweaking start up settings is easy through the configurator because of its simple user interface. Every button is accessible from the platform and performs efficiently for easy configuration. This plugin also works as updater for the messaging platform. Miranda Fusion can receive automatic or semi-automatic updates, but users also have an option to update the chat software using the configurator manually. Update settings are set up on the same user interface and apply the fixes, the developers offer.

Back up implementation setting also became another feature supported in using the plugin. This is practical for many people, especially in saving chat elements like skins and texts exchanged on the chat window. Configurator © 2011 by Highcoder can be operated in two ways. First, users can send the plugin’s icon right on the desktop for faster access. The second option is running it through embedded buttons.