Nicolas Kruse (Freeware)

Confectionary is an adventure game that challenges the player to find specific items. Game Confectionary requires players to cross the streets of a busy urban center as they strive to collect the necessary details. The major objective of this game is to collect all the important things needed for a confectionary business.

Confectionary has the qualities of an absorbing and addicting computer game. It also features high fidelity sound and stunning graphics. The game combines the stimulating elements of a puzzle game with the best qualities of completing missions which are sometimes presented to the player for completion. Rewards await those who complete the tasks assigned to them.

Confectionary is a thrilling game that also offers players with an interesting plot. Players are given the opportunity to experience inheriting a confectionary in a virtual environment. There are so many tasks that needed to be done in order to restore the whole business from its state of decay.

Confectionary requires players that pay attention to detail and are focused on completing the necessary tasks. These qualities are needed because the objects that needed to be found are very carefully hidden. Nevertheless, this is a game that can be played by both veteran gamers and beginners. This game can be downloaded for free from the Web.