Condor Track File Validator

Condor Team (Bundled)

The Condor Track File Validator is a tool included in the program Condor: The Competition Soaring Simulator. The program is developed for users who want to experience competition flying from their computers, and the validating tool is used to verify if a track file is authentic or not. The validation covers .ftr and .igc files.

The simulation program features realistic aerodynamics, weather conditions, and flight physics, providing users with an accurate environment for takeoffs, flying, landings, and even crashes. This application also doubles as a game; it has multiplayer support for up to 32 pilots. Players can compete using a local area network connection or through an online server. The program has a list of central web-based servers to allow players to easily connect. The host server configures flight plans that include the weather conditions, tasks, and plane class.

The flights made using the simulation program are saved in a flight track format (.ftr) that is used for analyzing the flight and serves as documentation. The tracks can also be exported to IGC format. Players who want to compare their performance with others can exchange flight track files. Players can also use others’ flight tracks to race with. When flight tracks are exchanged, players can then validate their authenticity using the Condor Track File Validator. The program will then display the flight information and analysis.