ConceptDraw PROJECT

Computer Systems Odessa (Shareware)

ConceptDraw PROJECT is an application used for managing projects. The program is suitable for task managers and project heads. The program consists of several tools for monitoring progress, scheduling, and budgeting. All data regarding a project can be accessed from the program’s Project Dashboard. It consists of performance indicators, status, and limits. The program also helps managers recognize the next step to take for a project.

Here are the other features of the application:

• Gantt Chart – Users can create Gantt charts using the application. This chart displays tasks in the form of bars. The start and end dates are also displayed.
• Visual Data Representation – Managers will easily identify the status of each project, as components have visual representations. This also makes it easier to look for changes made.
• Reports – The program can create reports based on the data available for the project. Some of the reports that can be done include cost report, knowledge reports, plans, resource reports, and many others.
• Project Consolidation – All information and reports on each project can be accessed in one location.
• Program Support – ConceptDraw PROJECT can be used in tandem with other applications, such as ConceptDraw Office and ConceptDraw Solution Park.