ConceptDraw Professional

Computer Systems Odessa (Shareware)

ConceptDraw Pro, a diagramming application, creates and displays ideas and data as diagrams and facilitates communication through interactive presentations. It is capable of drawing anything from basic flowcharts and network diagrams to complex engineering schematics. It offers state-of-the-art set of tools for drawing, hundreds of templates, extensive libraries for over 20,000 objects, and wide-ranging options for custom printing and file export. Presentations can be manually displayed in full-screen mode or in automated playback mode.

It can also be made with the use of dual monitors—one for display, and the other for editing—to facilitate team collaboration or allow quick response to feedback from the audience. Built-in hyperlinks enable easy navigation through different parts of the presentation and quick connection of documents to external documents, folders, email addresses, Web pages, and more. Most commonly used graphic formats such as Powerpoint (.ppt) and Microsoft Visio XML (.vdx), .svg, .png, and .jpg , as well as Adobe (.pdf and .swf), are compatible with the app.

Its Live Object technology is a key feature that allows the creation of documents and presentations that automatically display external data sources. This permits the generation of project dashboards with up-to-the-minute statuses, presentations that reflect input from brainstorming sessions, and the like. The application supports scripting languages and third-party programming that customizes and programs the visual movement and behavior of live objects in presentations.