ConceptDraw MINDMAP Professional

Computer Systems Odessa Corp. (Shareware)

ConceptDraw MindMap Professional is a full-featured program that mindmaps - or allows the generation of ideas – via an interface that displays user-selected words and images. The user can, for example, use the blank page to showcase keywords and artwork while streamlining access to tools and documents. It was developed to represent how the human brain works, in that it assembles pieces of data and eventually recognizes the sum of these pieces as an entirety.

ConceptDraw MindMap Professional has two primary modes that may be used at the same time or separately. One mode, clip art, permits the user to show ideas by dropping text and items onto a page and moving these around. The other mode, outline view, offers the user the option of writing down an outline in text as a similar mode in many word processing programs do. Relationships between text and objects may also be represented by linking these together. For example, a chart may contain a text box or artwork that hyperlinks to a webpage for additional information. A chart may also contain a relatively simple central image, with keywords describing the image scattered around said image. Minor features that are nonetheless useful to the mindmapping process include a brainstorm mode that has a timer set for creating notes, adding images, and adjusting relationships of these items.