ConceptDraw MINDMAP

Computer Systems Odessa (Shareware)

ConceptDraw MINDMAP is an application that allows users to create mindmaps. These maps are typically used during brainstorming or development sessions. It enables users to see visual representations of ideas and how they connect with each other. The program’s output file can be used with other programs, such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, as well as ConcptDraw programs like PRO and PROJECT. ConceptDraw MINDMAP is able to create different types of presentations from just one mindmap.

The program has an intuitive interface. All of the tools needed to create mindmaps and presentations are found on the upper portion of the main window. The bottom part of the window is used for displaying the mindmap and its components. When creating mindmaps, users can add text, pictures, shapes, and symbols.

Here are the other features of the ConceptDraw MINDMAP program:

• One-click function – The program allows users to create task lists and presentations in just one click. Other commands that can be done are update status, update task, and choosing a presentation template.
• View Navigator – Users can select specific areas of the mindmap to include in the presentation.
• Accepts Different File Formats – Information for the mindmap can be gathered from different sources, such as search results, resource lists, task lists, or Gantt charts.