Nihilistic Software (Proprietary)

Conan is an action-adventure game. The game’s titular hero is based on the protagonist in the work Conan the Barbarian by Robert E. Howard. Players control Conan from a third-person perspective. This game puts players on a quest to recover Conan’s lost armor and ultimately defeat a wizard who has been wreaking havoc. Players gain experience points by defeating enemies. The points can be exchanged for additional attacks that improve the hero’s abilities in combat. Players can also tap into magical powers and provide their character with the ability to create firestorms and transform enemy units into stone.

The game is divided into levels. In each level, players have to face and fight enemies. There are also bosses to be fought at the end of some levels. In order to defeat a boss, it is not enough to simply inflict heavy damage; players have to press buttons in a sequence to completely kill the boss off. Aside from combat, pressing buttons in a sequence can also be done in order to interact with the game environment. At the start of every level, Conan is armed with only a sword. As he goes along, he can pick up other weapons to fight or defend himself with. There are other defensive moves that can be done, such as blocking and rolling.