COMSOL Multiphysics

Comsol AB (Proprietary)

COMSOL Multiphysics is a simulation software specifically designed for physics and engineering applications. Multiphysics is defined as the study of a number of physical phenomena happening simultaneously. For instance, an engineer who is looking at alternative sources of energy may need to work on several variables like chemical kinetics and fluid mechanics. The simulation allows the users to see how a design or idea will look like and function based on the principles of physics. The application aids the user on defining the geometry of the design, specifying the physical phenomena involved, solving the equations, meshing, as well as post-processing of the results.

The key features of COMSOL Multiphysics are the following:
• LiveLink ™ for Excel – This feature allows the user to run the COMSOL simulation software from Microsoft Excel environment. The COMSOL tab will be accessible through the ribbon on the uppermost portion of the screen.
• Fatigue Model- This feature allows the user to make fatigue life computations based on concepts of stress and strain.
• Parameter Optimization – This feature guides the user on optimizing the geometry of the design being simulated.
• Livelink ™ for Solid Edge – This feature allows the user to integrate CAD Computer-Aided design) applications with the multiphysics simulator making it easy to visualize the impact of the setting or parameter changes made on the simulator.

Other features include ECAD Import Module, Cloud Computing, Efficient CFD Solvers and fast multicore and cluster computing.