ZiWu-Soft EDV Systeme GmbH (Proprietary)

COMPUFIX is a multi-featured design program that is intended for the calculation of mechanical and chemical fixings. Users of this advanced utility can design economical anchoring as well as hardware that can be subjected to dynamic and static loads. This tool can also be used to construct fixings at at fast rate and without any complications. The program can be used for everyday activities.

COMPUFIX has a user-friendly interface that beginners will have no trouble navigating through. The buttons and boxes are large and can easily be identified, with functions that are clearly evident. COMPUFIX is developed by ZiWu-Soft EDV Systeme GmbH. The developers also provide information on its installation. COMPUFIX users can control the program using a menu bar that has been adapted from Windows Vista.

The safety of COMPUFIX users is also assured. One of the main features of this program is that it takes into account the cut, twisting and bending moments, as well as the traction of the outcome. With all these tools, users are allowed to configure asymmetrical connections.

COMPUFIX is an application that generates a printout with all the necessary details, including a scale drawing of steel plates and anchors. Users of COMPUFIX can also size up the plates depending on the different types of profiles.