Complete Media Player (Freeware)

There are many media players available for the Microsoft Windows platform. Many have mixed functionality and form with simplicity and ease of use. Complete Media Player, a player developed by, is a player that aims to marry a smartly designed interface with intuitive features and ease of use. The program is simple enough for users of different skill levels, be it novice, intermediate, or advanced, to use. This is because of its straightforward interface and features that are stripped down to the very essentials.

The player features drag-and-drop playing. This allows users to simply go to a folder using their file browser, selecting a file, and dragging it into the player’s open window. This adds the selected file to the user’s current playlist. The interface layout is relatively simple. The interface is broken down into three parts. The right hand side shows the user the playlist and the files included in it. The upper left hand side shows the video and visualization window, while the lower portion of the interface houses the media controls for playback. The player also supports different playback modes such as shuffle, repeat, and continuous playback. The program is discontinued and no longer receives support from the developers.