Complete Data Wipe

BestSecurityTips LLC (Freeware)

Complete Data Wipe, developed by BestSecurityTips, is a secure file shredder for Windows. For users who are not familiar with the concept of file “shredding”, it is a term used when a user wishes to securely and permanently delete a file from their hard drive. It is more secure than when a user typically deletes files using the typical method, the recycle bin. Files deleted through the recycle bin can be recovered by specialized software, even when these files are permanently deleted. Complete Data Wipe is a tool that prevents this and is highly useful when handling very sensitive information.

The program achieves its secure file deletion by employing specialized algorithms. This gives the user peace of mind when deleting sensitive information, knowing that it will never be retrieved by others using third-party tools. The program also includes a scheduler. This allows users to schedule when files are regularly shredded from the hard drive. For every secure deletion the program makes, there is an “Erasing Report” detailing the process. Other user information, such as those contained in Web auto-fill forms, sender and receiver information attached to emails, and other extraneous, potentially sensitive information can also be deleted using the program.

Features of the program include
• Secure, advanced algorithm-based file deletion
• Deletion scheduler
• Password/Autofill information deleter
• Program can be password protected