Compare It! v4

Grig Software (Shareware)

Compare It! Is a software designed to spot differences between two text files. It will detect the differences and highlight them accordingly. After the highlighting, the software can then proceed to merge the two text files accordingly. This is particularly useful to programmers and even people who need to scan between two almost identical files. It can also make a colored printout of the files being compared exactly as they appear on the screen. It supports different file formats. XML file comparison is also supported. There is a backup feature that will let users revert to the original file in case there inaccuracies in the file merging. The program can also publish an HTML report of the comparison.

Compare It’s interface has two panes. Each pane will display each file. This will let users have a side-by-side view of the files that are being compared. Settings can be customized depending on the user’s preferences. The color scheme can be change. In addition, keyboard shortcuts can also be assigned.

Other features of Compare It! are the following:

• An overview bar that lets users have a visual of what the software is doing
• Full pledged editor – This editor supports word-wrap and other options such as highlighting and bookmarking
• Customization – users can customize the color and the fonts
• Converters – Files can be converted between formats