SoftByte Labs, Inc. - (Shareware)

Comparator is a utility for comparing files and folders, including sub-folders. This enables users to update backup files quickly and easily. This tool works by listing the changes between two files and showing users the missing files, duplicate files, and newer files. Users can then choose which folders or files to copy.

The File Browser, Duplicate Files, Newer Files, and Missing Files tabs will show users the status of their files, allowing them to decide whether to update old files or make new copies instead. Valuable files can be transferred to a backup folder. Users can also choose to move files to another location, be it a drive connected to the computer or to another computer over a network. Through this application, users will be able to see which files are duplicates, and can be deleted or removed from the system to regain space and make the files more organized.

Users can set up the program to compare files the way they want it. The program can compare files according to content, resulting in a fully accurate comparison. It also provides users with a time threshold adjustment for properly synchronizing files between a Windows 98 and a Windows XP system. Another feature of Comparator is its ability to scan not only the files in a folder but its subfolders as well, making it easy to backup or synchronize an entire folder or drive.