Comodo (Freeware)

Comodo Unite is a utility that creates secure VPNs or Virtual Private Networks for computers in a group. Computers in networks may exchange sensitive information, which the utility keeps private. These systems can share all kinds of files, as well as set up LAN gaming sessions or play over the Internet with Comodo Unite. The program also allows secure chatting between members of the network via an integrated chat messenger. Files can also be downloaded directly from other PCs, or even edited without downloading. Remote computer access is also possible, as is remote document sending and printing on offsite printers.

The communication between computers in a VPN setup with this utility is kept secure and private via 128-bit encryption, and this includes communication via the integrated messaging service. Here are other notable features the program offers:
• Chat sessions between virtually any number of network members
• File-sharing and chatting from any location
• Application sharing between members of the network

To create a VPN with the utility, the user simply has to install the program and go through an easy setup procedure that includes selecting a user name, and inputting a prospective network member’s user name to invite that user to the network.