Comodo System Cleaner 3.0.172695.53

Comodo Security Solutions, Inc. (Freeware)

Comodo System Cleaner is a system utilities application that can fix Windows errors and enhance the performance of the computer. It is packed with multiple programs which are designed to fix and optimize the computer. These programs are easily found on the left side of the application's interface. An in-depth information can be found under the program’s name. The three main programs are the following:

• Registry Cleaner - This is the program that locates errors in the Windows Registry. The Windows Registry is the database where all the operating system's configurations and options are stored. This program removes unwanted registry entries. The remaining registry entries are then categorized so that those registries that belong in the same category are grouped together. This allows for easier access of the entries when they are needed.
• Disk Cleaner - This program cleans the computer's cache, gets rid of unused icons, and deletes duplicate files. Comodo System Cleaner can also schedule when the cleanup should take place.
• Privacy Cleaner - This program gets rid of Internet cache, removes unwanted cookies, and permanently deletes browser history. There is also the option to delete unnecessary files that the user does not want to recover indefinitely.

Comodo System Cleaner can tweak the settings of the computer for efficient optimization. There are around 50 customizations available. Additionally, the program can access all information regarding all programs in the computer.