COMODO Programs Manager

COMODO Security Solutions (Freeware)

COMODO Programs Manager (CPM) is a system tool used for managing programs installed in a Windows operating system. It can be used for uninstalling a Windows program and removing all components included in that program. CPM features a monitoring function that tracks all changes made when installing and using a Windows program. This allows the application to know all files to be removed including registry keys, settings, unwanted files, and others. The application also has a force delete function, which can be used for deleting registry entries and files.

COMODO Programs Manager also features a back up function. When it uninstalls a program, it can back up all the data of that program (i.e. folders, files, registry keys, and the like). This backup file can be restored at any point. The application also features an on-access scanner. This function serves as a security utility that notifies users whenever there is a threat contained in a program being installed. Another feature available is the custom installer package, which can be used for creating self-extracting packages of programs including the settings specified by the user. This installer package can later be used for re-installing the software including its configuration on other Windows computers. Aside from this, the application can also be used for managing Windows updates using its Windows update module.