COMODO Firewall Pro 6.2

Comodo (Shareware)

Comodo Firewall Pro is a security program from Comodo. It comes with a new technology called the Default Deny Protection (DDP), which is a prevention-based security feature. DDP alerts users to a possible malware not included in the safelist so users can specify the appropriate action before the malware infects the computer. This security program features comprehensive configuration options to let users tweak the security feature depending on their preferences.

Aside from the Default Deny Protection feature, Comodo Firewall Pro comes with an auto sandbox technology. Sandbox is an operating milieu for untrusted programs to make sure that malicious software and computer viruses are isolated from the entire computer system. It also has personalized alerts and cloud-based whitelisting and behavioral analysis. The Game Mode suppresses operations that may hinder a user’s gaming experience. This includes virus database updates, alerts, and scheduled scans. On the other hand, the Training Mode enables the Firewall to make ‘Allow’ rules – it means that the Firewall remembers trusted programs to lessen alerts.

The application control gives users the ability to lock their PC so only trusted programs can run. The specific alert system displays the type and level of possible threats from every source. Comodo Firewall Pro is easy to configure and provides a detailed summary screen of present security settings. The security wizard consists of preset security settings for a hassle-free setup.