COMODO EasyVPN (32-bit)

COMODO (Freeware)

COMODO EasyVPN is an application that enables users to create secure virtual private networks or VPNs between multiple computers. This allows users to access their home computers from another location, such as the office. This program has been rebranded as Comodo Unite.

A virtual private network may also be used for the following situations:
• When a user needs to have a secure access to a desktop computer’s files using a laptop from another location. Users can also send print jobs to their office computer from their home, and vice-versa.
• When a user needs to add protective encryption to network protocols that may have security issues
• When a user wants to make a folder for sharing with friends, family, and other trusted users. Users can also create shared project folders for collaboration with coworkers.
• When a user wants to play with others in a multiplayer game
• When a user wants to chat with others

Once COMODO EasyVPN is installed in all of the computers in the network, users can proceed to register for an account and create a virtual private network. Remote access may be granted once users approve or allow the action. Users can then access the files in another user’s computer from their own computers. The application makes use of 128-bit encryption so that the created VPN is secure and safe from outsiders.