COMODO Cleaning Essentials 2.5

Comodo (Freeware)

COMODO Cleaning Essentials is a program that consists of tools for removing threats and unnecessary files from the computer. It is a portable program that does not need to be installed in the computer in order for it to work. The program has three scan modes. They are:

• Smart Scan – In Smart Scan, the program scans the most critical areas of the computer to make sure they are not infected.
• Full Scan – This mode scans the entire system for threats. This scan method takes a long time to complete, as it searches every part of the computer.
• Custom Scan – In Custom Scan, users choose where to scan for threats.

The application offers different scan options for the user as well. These options include scanning on computer startup, scanning for settings and hidden items in the registry, and scanning folders and files that are hidden. After scanning, the program displays a list of all the items that are seen as threats. Users can view the details of each item. The program features KillSwitch, a tool that enables users to keep track of processes that are running on the computer. From the KillSwitch interface, users can disable the processes of items that may be threats.