Comodo Backup 4.2

Comodo (Freeware)

Comodo Backup is used for backing up files on an online storage. The program offers 5Gb of free space for documents, photos, videos, audio files, and personal data. All backed up files are kept in Comodo’s encrypted online storage. The program automatically discovers all the files in the system. Users just need to choose which ones to add to the online storage. Backing up files can be done with just one click. Comodo Backup also has a wizard that takes novice computer users through the steps on backing up important files.

Comodo Backup is fully customizable. Users can create personalized backup profiles for the different contents in the online storage. This also makes it easier to back up additional files. The program has a self-restoring backup feature that can restore files from the online storage even if the computer does not have the Comodo Backup application installed in the system. The software also offers a variety of encryption and compression methods.

Other features of the Comodo Backup application are the following:
• Support for mounting the backup as a virtual disc
• Has a web interface for accessing files anywhere in the world
• Simple and easy to use interface