CommView for WiFi 6.3

TamoSoft (Proprietary)

CommView for WiFi is a wireless network management tool developed by TamoSoft and released in October 2012. CommView for WiFi allows users to monitor and analyze their wireless networks be it 802.11 a, b, g, or n. CommView for WiFi provides users with a list of wireless network access points and access stations. It also provides for per-node and per-channel statistics, packet and network connections, as well as signal strengths. CommView for WiFi allows users to examine packets, troubleshoot hardware and software issues, as well as determine network problems.

CommView for WiFi also features a VOIP module, which allows users to analyze, record, and playback H.323 and SIP voice communications. Using CommView for WiFi, captured packets may be decrypted using WPA-PSK or WEP keys as determined by the user. The CommView for WiFi network analyzer also allows users to see a tree-view of the packet headers and display protocol layers. It can also display IP connection statistics including IP ports, addresses, and sessions. CommView for WiFi also allows users to configure alarm notifications for suspicious packets, rogue access points, unknown addresses, and high bandwidth utilization, among others. It can monitor the bandwidth utilization of connected systems. It also features simultaneous data capture from multiple channels. CommView for WiFi also features access point simulation, as well as IP address export to IP lookup sites for security purposes.