CommitMonitor (Shareware)

CommitMonitor is intended for one primary directive—monitoring of Apache Subversion repositories.  This is a utility that is effective at performing its functions particularly for new commits. CommitMonitor can be found in the system tray. It is a practical tool to use

This is how CommitMonitor performs its tasks. Once activated it starts tracking the repositories that are being monitored. It can surveil more than one repository at a time. When new commits are detected, the program informs the user with a pop up notification. The system icon “eye” also changes color and turns from black to red. All new commits are presented on the main dialog’s top right. Meanwhile, the commit log message can be seen at the bottom right of the screen.

For those with multiple repositories, the other URLs can be monitored by this lightweight utility as well for as long as they are under an SVNParentPath with the Apache directive activated. These are contained in a separate folder (e.g. Private Projects). The user can reconfigure the time interval for checking repositories based on need and preference.

CommitMonitor also allows the user to inspect the commit further in a very convenient manner. Details are revealed when the top right view is double-clicked. This application takes up very little memory in the computer system, only using 1 MB of RAM when in idle mode.