Commandos Strike Force

Pyro Studios (Proprietary)

Commandos: Strike Force is a first-person shooter game developed by Pyro Studios. Its storyline follows the World War II-based Commandos games; in this game, players choose to play one of three different commandos: a Green Beret, a spy, or a sniper. Players can change between the three characters to experience and adapt to the different kinds of armory and combat situations, and plan different attack strategies. Users can play in single-player campaign mode or in multiplayer mode. The game is set in three campaign locations: Norway, Stalingrad in Russia, and France, depending on the chosen character.

In Commandos: Strike Force, players must learn to choose the appropriate character and armaments for each mission. Each character has its own play style and skill set, and each weapon has its own use. The Green Beret is best in combat situations and using heavy weapons, the spy is best for stealth and is usually used when within enemy ranks, and the sniper is best at destroying targets from afar. Players are given multiple objectives in one mission that can be achieved in any order. There are also larger missions that are divided into smaller, more manageable missions in different battle zones, making objectives easier to achieve.