Commandos, Beyond the Call of Duty

Pyro Studios (Proprietary)

Commandos, Beyond the Call of Duty is a game and serves as a standalone expansion pack for the game Behind Enemy Lines, also of the Commandos game series. This game brings new skills for players, improved graphics, more interactive environments, new character classes, and new equipment and mechanics. As an expansion pack, it provides players with eight new missions to accomplish. These missions are set in more challenging environments and increases the difficulty of the original game.

Players assume the role of a soldier of the Commandos Corps and are tasked to exercise tactical skills in completing missions. Each new mission comes with its own challenges and goals to accomplish. In this game, the commando units use nicknames such as Tiny for Green Beret, Fins for Marine, Tread for Driver, Duke for Sniper, Inferno for Sapper, and Spooky for Spy.

One of the new skills provided by this expansion pack is the ability to knock enemy soldiers unconscious. Green Berets can use their bare fists while Spies can use chloroform. They can then use handcuffs to bind the unconscious soldier, and then control him by using the puppet command. This command makes the soldier move, and he can then be used to distract other soldiers. Spies can steal the uniform of an unconscious enemy soldier and use it as a disguise.