Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising

Electronic Arts, Inc. (Proprietary)

Red Alert 3 – Uprising is a single-player expansion pack to the Red Alert 3 game. It was released in 2009 via digital distribution only. This expansion offers 30 new campaign maps. Since it’s a standalone pack, it doesn’t require Red Alert 3 for it to work. The main difference in this game is that it doesn’t offer a multiplayer mode.

The game follows the story of the original game, Red Alert 3, assuming that the Allied force won the battle against the Imperial Japan and Soviet Russia. There are four campaigns in the game. Three of these focus on the three factions in Red Alert 3 (i.e. Soviet Russia, Imperial Japan and Allied factions) and the last one depicting the origins of Yuriko Omega. The Yuriko campaign is more of an action RPG instead of an RTS gameplay. Each campaign has three missions each. At first, only the Yuriko and Soviet can be played. The last two campaigns can be unlocked after completing the Soviet Campaign’s first mission.

Another main difference in this expansion is the inclusion of a game mode called Commander’s Challenge. In this mode, players can battle against AI commanders with varying skill levels. There are 50 scenarios, 13 primary challenges and 37 mini-challenges in this mode. In the beginning, players can only use basic units of each faction. More units become available after finishing each mission.