Command & Conquer Generals

EA Pacific/Aspyr Media (Shareware)

Command & Conquer: Generals is a real-time strategy game that was initially released in 2003. It is the seventh title in the Command & Conquer series of games. Players have the option to choose from three different factions in the game (GLA, China, and United States). USA and China are allies in the game. The GLA’s (Global Liberation Army) goal is to eliminate the military forces of the two countries.

In the game, players must construct bases, gather resources, improve their units, and defeat opponents. Each faction in the game has advantages and disadvantages, but they also have shared abilities for training, building, and possession. Command & Conquer: Generals can be played in single player mode and multiplayer mode. In single player mode, players have seven missions to complete. There is also a training level that players can access anytime during the game. Multiplayer mode can be played online or via LAN (Local Area Network). The goal in multiplayer mode is to eliminate the opposing team.

Command & Conquer: Generals comes with a World Builder. However, this feature is limited to the PC version of the game. The World Builder allows users to create an environment with the terraforming tool, an intelligent road system, and waypoints. The editor also consists of a script that is geared towards single player campaigns.