Command & Conquer Funpark missions

Electronic Arts. Inc. (Proprietary)

The title, “Command & Conquer” is a video game that is set in an alternate modern-day reality. At the very core of this game is the conflict between two opposing organizations. On one side is a militant, cult-like group led by a person named Kane. They call themselves the Brotherhood of Nod. On the other side of the fence is the United Nations Global Defense Initiative. The competition between the two groups revolves around a substance called “tiberium.” In this game, avid computer gamers can enjoy the real-time strategy features.

Command & Conquer Funpark missions came into being in 1995, developed by Westwood Studios. It is primarily inspired by Gulf war events. This game also features live action video cut scenes starring one professional actor who portrays the role of Kane and a number of employees of Westwood studios. This award-winning game series has enjoyed commercial success since the debut of the very first Command & Conquer almost 20 years ago.

In Command & Conquer Funpark missions, both warring factions are playable. This game’s missions involve not just warfare but also construction of a base and consolidation of combat units. The player is challenged to procure resources, purchase needed requirements, and organize troops for a triumphant attack on enemy territory.