Command & Conquerâ„¢ 4

Electronic Arts Inc. (Proprietary)

Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight is a computer video game that is also the final installment in Command and Conquer's Tiberium saga. Set in 2062, the Tiberium crystals rapidly spread throughout the land. It is estimated that by this year, humans will no longer be able to live on the planet. As a solution, the humans set up an alliance that will control the Tiberium. However, after 15 years of peace, extremists have found a way to spark a new war on the planet.

Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight is played on an isometric map with 3D models for units, terrains, and structures. In this game, nodes must be captured and controlled throughout the map. Controlling more nodes than the enemy will make the player win the round. The game has two playable factions. In each faction, there are classes for defense, support, and offense. The offense class includes units and structures primarily used for attacking. The defense class protects the faction while the support class generally enhances the other classes. Two other factions in the game are unplayable. The game has a story mode centered on the playable factions. Additionally, the game can be played with a number of players in multiplayer mode.