Command and Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath

Electronic Arts Inc. (Proprietary)

Command and Conquer 3 – Kane's Wrath is the official expansion pack for the Tiberium Wars game. It was initially released in 2008. The storyline is narrated in Kane’s perspective. He will be telling what happened after the events in the Firestorm Crisis game, before the Tiberium War III and after the Tiberium War III. The game features additional factions, wherein two new sub-factions are added under each of the three original factions present in Tiberium Wars games.

There are two main gameplay modes in Kane’s Wrath. The first one is the Global Conquest mode. This is gameplay mode similar to the strategic board game called Risk. In this mode, players establish and control their forces from a global and strategic point of view. The goal here is either to complete the player’s victory objective or to destroy all the opponents. The Global Conquest utilizes a turn-based system instead of an RTS gameplay used in Command and Conquer game. The second gameplay mode is the Campaign mode. Here, the player assumes the role of an AI developed by Kane called LEGION. This mode features 13 missions spread over the three acts that narrates Kane’s story. Throughout the game, the player is instructed by Kane himself on what mission to accomplish.