Comix Zone

Sega Technical Institute (Proprietary)

Comix Zone is an arcade-style action game published by Sega in 1995. Players take on the role of Sketch Turner, a comic book artist and musician who is currently working on a new book project with the title Comix Zone. One stormy night as Sketch is drawing in the details of the book, a lightning bolt suddenly strikes a panel and the book’s main villain, called Mortus, escapes the pages and seeks to kill Sketch. Sketch is sent by Mortus into the Comix Zone world.

In the game, players will get to meet General Alissa Chan, who believes that Sketch is a great superhero sent to rescue them from Mortus. Players are then sent on a mission to defeat Mortus and his cronies. To stay alive, players must maneuver through the six pages of his comic strip. The pages of the comic strip is laid out in panels in true comic book fashion. Players must complete a page by fighting from panel to panel. Each panel contains enemy gangs to fight and puzzles to solve.

Players engage enemies in hand-to-hand combat. They can use a variety of moves such as kicks, punches, shoulder rams, blocks, and jump kicks. Players can also pick up power-ups to help them defeat enemies. One power-up summons a character named Roadkill, a rat who can help players in combat.