Deleter (Proprietary)

Deleter Comicworks is a professional graphic workstation for Manga artists. Manga is the Japanese term for comics and is now very well-known and received throughout the world. Manga is known for its distinct art style. Many people can tell that a certain comic is manga or manga-influenced just by looking at some of the design elements in the comics. Many manga artists have gained worldwide fame for their distinctive styles and character designs. However, creating manga has always been a painstaking process, and the demand in Japan is so high that many artists are going from traditional manga creation tools to the digital drawing board.

This is where Deleter Comicworks has come in to fill the gap. The application provides manga artists with all the basic tools they need to achieve that distinctive Asian comic book look. From various greyscale tones and inks to patters and realistic pen flows, the developers of the program have worked hard to provide artists with accurate digital renditions of tools that they have grown accustomed to using. This is essential as all manga artists strive to have their own distinct styles when drawing, creating and designing characters and other elements of the comic.

The main features that the program has include:
• Integrated support for Adobe PSD file format
• Automatic line drawing
• 800 grayscale tones for the true manga tone
• Varying DPI (dots per inch) support ranging from 300-1200dpi
• Graphic tablet and pen support