ComicRack 09156

Cyolito (Freeware)

ComicRack is an eComic reader and management application for Windows computers. It supports several file formats including cbz, zip, cbt, tar, cb7, 7z, and pdf. The main interface consists of two panes. The upper portion of the window displays the comic, and the lower portion displays the library, folders, and pages that are added to the application. eComics can also be viewed in different ways, including full screen mode for a better reading experience.

With the ComicRack application, users can reorder the pages of the eComic. This can be done by dragging and dropping the pages to different locations. The pages can also be categorized for easier management and navigation. Some of the categories for pages include front cover, inner cover, story, editorial, letters, preview, back cover, etc. When the pages of eComics are categorized, users can utilize the Page Filter option, which displays only a specific type of page.

ComicRack is also an application for organizing a collection of eComics. The program enables users to create folders and lists for the eComics. In addition, file tags can be customized. Other features of this eComic reader program are:

• Various zoom modes
• Customizable keyboard shortcuts
• Batch conversion of eComics
• Custom display and filtering
• Supports network sharing with password protection