Comical (Freeware)

Comica, formerly called Comical, is an application for delivering and viewing web comics on the desktop. The program has a simple interface. All the comics on the program’s database are located on the left hand side of the window. There are over 900 comics included in the program’s database. Additionally, users can add more comics as the program makes use of an open XML file format. Comica supports browsing and archiving. All the downloaded comics are placed into archives and users can browse through past editions in the navigation window. Also, users can download archives from websites.

The program imports comics in three different ways. Copy Directory copies a comics’ directory and all of the contents to the program’s data directory. Move Directory allows users to move files into the application’s directory. Link Directory creates a virtual link in the Comica data directory. Different icons may appear beside the titles of comics on the left side pane. These icons are:

• Green Icon – The green icon appears beside the title if a new comic is available to be downloaded
• Yellow Icon – The yellow icon appears when the program is checking for updates for the comic.
• Red Icon – The red icon appears when there is an error during the download of a comic.
• Download Icon – This icon appears when an update is currently being downloaded.