Comfort Keys Pro

Comfort Software Group (Shareware)

Comfort Keys is an application utility designed to offer a more convenient alternative to standard onscreen keyboards provided by operating systems. In addition, it is also a task automation tool that allows users to speed up traditional tasks by “programming” commonly used shortcuts into a single command.

While Microsoft’s Windows operating system offers its users with a basic set of utilities that provide the same set of functionalities that Comfort Keys offers, the third-party application combines features that may be vital to everyday consumers, such as the ability to copy multiple snippets of data into the clipboard, which allows a user to choose from a list of recently acquired snippets.

Multilingual desktop users who often switch from one system language to another across commonly used applications can also use the program’s enhanced language switcher. This also means that keyboard layouts can be switched with a single click. Other features that come with Comfort Keys include the following:

• The option to replace keyboard functions and switch them with something else that the user commonly utilizes.
• Record keystrokes and other small commands used in office programs and automate them by setting its schedule, frequency, and placement on the screen.
• Gain instant access to volume control by letting the user choose from a multitude of ways to control the volume with certain shortcuts.