Comfort Clipboard Pro

Comfort Software Group (Shareware)

Comfort Clipboard Pro is an application used for managing contents that are placed on the clipboard. The program works by monitoring changes that are done on the clipboard and these changes are saved in the history of the program. This ensures that everything the user places on the clipboard will still be there even after a system crash or a power outage.

The program’s main interface is divided into different sections. On the left side of the window, users can view the clipboard contents. There is also a history button that can be accessed in order to view all the items that are on the clipboard including the title, number of characters that are pasted, and other important information about the copied text. The program also comes with a set of properties that allows users to tweak the characteristics of the program. Some of the properties that can be changed include the theme, security, exceptions, sounds, keyboard shortcuts, and the clipboard manager.

More of the program’s features are as follows:

• Users have access to additional information about the items saved on the clipboard
• Items that are saved on the clipboard can be pasted more than one time
• Capable of saving up to a hundred fragments without compromising the performance of the program