BitComet (Freeware)

CometPlayer is a simple audio player that supports all popular audio formats, such as .mp3, .wma, .flac, .wav, .ogg, and many more. The interface provides all the basic functions of an audio player like play, pause, stop, fast forward, and rewind. Songs and other audio files can be added on the player just by dragging and dropping. Users are able to make their own playlists based on the files on their music library. These playlists can be categorized according to the user’s needs.

For a better listening experience, the program also features an equalizer to customize the sound quality of music files when played. Other information regarding the files can also be seen including the file size, length, artist, album, genre, and the codec used.

One of the main features of the CometPlayer is LyricsDisplay. With LyricsDisplay, users are able to view lyrics and sing along to their favorite tunes. The program automatically finds the lyrics of the song playing when the computer is connected to the Internet. The lyrics are then displayed on the lyrics panel on the player’s main window.

The CometPlayer is fully customizable. Users can choose from the preset skins and hide or display portions of the player. The player can be controlled with keyboard shortcuts, which is fully customizable, too.