CometBird 11.0

CometNetwork (Freeware)

CometBird is a Gecko-engine based web browser that offers a basic and advanced web browser features. The application has security tools that make browsing safer. These tools include anti-virus software, a pop-up blocker, anti-malware, and once-click removal of browsing data. One of the features of the application is online bookmarking. This allows users to access all their bookmarks even when using a different computer. The web browser synchronizes all the bookmarked pages for consistency. Users just need to sign in to their account to view the bookmarks.

CometBird also comes with a downloader that is integrated into the Windows right click menu. When visiting web pages with videos, users can right click and capture the video file to download it to the drive. This eliminates the need to have other video downloader applications in the computer. The web browser also comes with a word translator. Position the mouse cursor over a word and the application will automatically translate it. Other tools included are a spell-checker, search suggestions, and integrated web search.

Other features of the application include the following:
• Session restore feature for accidentally closed windows
• Support for parental controls
• Improved memory management
• Support for offline browsing
• Online application support