Combined Community Codec Pack 2011-11-11

CCCP Project (Freeware)

Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP) is a video/audio codec program developed by CCCP Project. It is a collection of codecs and was originally designed for playing anime fansubs. The program was developed for alleviating major issues due to differing codec packs, playing common media formats and files, and providing video media playback standard for anime videos. CCCP supports different types of formats including containers (MKV, AVI, FLV and more), video codecs (MPEG-4, WMV, Theora and more), audio codecs (MP3, AC3, AAC and more) and subtitle (SRT, Vobsub and SSA/ASS) formats.

CCCP contains different components. These are CorWavPack, Gabest’s MPV Decoder, Gabest’s FLV Splitter, ffdshow-tryouts (custom build), VSFilter, Haali Media Splitter, and Media Player Classic Home Cinema (custom build). This application offers three types of installation – No Players (Media Player will not be included), Full Installation and Custom Installation (components can be manually selected).

Users can also customize different settings available in the program. This includes the audio decoder and FFDShow video options allowing you to select formats to be supported as well as enable/disable tray icons for both. Customizing Haali Media Splitter is also available allowing users to support 6 formats and also enable/disable tray icon. CCCP also has a Settings window that offers configuration options for VSFilter. Users will also be able to configure file associations for Media Player allowing it to play MKV, AVI, OGM and MP4 media files.