Combat Wings - Battle of Britain

City Interactive Games (Proprietary)

Combat Wings - Battle of Britain is an arcade air combat game that puts players in missions using different planes. Players assume the role of a fighter pilot for the Royal Air Force during World War II, in charge of a bevy of planes, including new models such as the Westland Whirlwind and the Hawker Tornado. With successful missions come rewards such as promotions and bonus missions.

This game allows players to communicate with and send commands to their wingmen. When they have been promoted to Flight Lieutenant, players can command their team to follow them, help them, go on patrol, and attack enemy planes from Germany. Aside from taking charge during an air battle, players also have to exert manual control over their in-flight operations, such as raising and lowering landing gear, to add an authentic flight experience. Players can also lower their plane’s flaps during challenging dogfights.

Players can adjust the level of difficulty in Combat Wings - Battle of Britain. From arcade, they can make the game more challenging by switching the control settings to “advanced” and the difficulty level to “hard”. Players can choose from several planes and different scenarios that involve land-based targets as well as ships at sea. The missions may take place in various situations, from dusk, broad daylight, and even under the cover of darkness. There are 23 missions in total, and players can replay any mission that has been completed. A multiplayer option is also available.