Comanche 4

Novalogic (Proprietary)

Comanche 4 is the fourth installment on the Comanche series where players take control of different helicopters. For this specific installment, the helicopter the player controls is the Comanche RAH-66 helicopter. The game has both six single player and multi-player modes featuring a challenging terrain and pump up firepower. The vehicles and objects found in the game include helicopters, troops, jets, tanks, and aircraft carriers.

The key features of the Comanche 4 game include the following:
• Non-stop assault – This feature allows the players to aim and fire at the different objects in the game.
• Unleash the power – This feature showcases the different firing weapons in the game including missiles, 20mm cannons, and also rockets.
• Airborne in minutes – This feature allows the players to manipulate or manage the helicopter either with different devices like a joystick, pedals, or by just using a standard mouse and keyboard.
• Stunning in interactive terrain- The game utilizes detailed terrain where players navigate the aircraft.
• Six extreme campaigns -  This feature allows the players to fly across different environments like the sea, forest, an arctic area, or an urban area while performing a variety of tasks. Tasks include those that soldiers normally perform like protecting diplomats, supporting Delta Force, subduing renegade forces, attacking ships and others.