Comanche 4 Demo

NovaLogic Games (Freeware)

Comanche 4 Demo is a trial version of the fourth game in the Comanche series of action games. In this shooter game, players are given control of a Comanche RAH-66 helicopter and tasked to complete several missions. The demo version lets users play one single-player mission titled Eagle’s Talon. This takes players to an island and tasks them to provide sufficient air support in order for allies to land on the beach during a hostile invasion. Part of the mission includes destroying a cargo ship to protect friendly forces from enemies. The mission also requires players to assist an operative as he plants explosives. Players must be able to accomplish these tasks successfully by avoiding gunfire from ground troops and enemy helicopters and ships.

This game simulates air combat and lets players master flying and fighting techniques using the mouse and various keyboard commands. Players can use various weapons such as a 20mm cannon, 70mm rockets, and heat-seeking missiles to aid them in their mission. They can shoot at ground troops, other helicopters, tanks, aircraft carriers, and jets. The full game enables players to go on six campaigns to different real-world locations, each with its own set of objectives. The full game also enables players to participate in multiplayer action via Internet or LAN connection.